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Football Reporting

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It’s time for the Kylian Mbappe show to come to an end, please

Kylian Mbappe said yes to Real Madrid. It happened just last week, confirming what had been agreed since the summer of 2021.

In Valdebebas, they celebrated, although they added some caution by saying “Until he’s at the Bernabeu…”.

Days have gone by and Mbappe regrets his decision, or so it seems. Or is it his mother or father or lawyer, because you never really know what can go through the head of a footballer who said he always dreamt of playing at Real Madrid, of making the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu his second home.

And now he’s reconsidering it, or so they say in the leaked reports, because we no longer know what to expect in this story.

Rarely, if ever, have we seen anything like this. There are all kinds of stories.

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The “yes” given to Real Madrid a few days ago was the story to believe. From then on, it was important to put everything that came from Paris into context, because the whole thing has always been a show, part of the theatrics put on to justify the decision of a player who is ready to be happy and for whom talk of dreams had a lot of value. But that’s now in doubt.

Mbappe gave his word and that is what should count the most. All season long, he has denied to Real Madrid directors the rumours coming out of Paris.

His word was enough for fans at the Bernabeu to welcome the Frenchman as a hero when he played there in the Champions League, as he was welcomed as one of their own. His promises were what Real Madrid planned their future around for months.

Now, the shadow of doubt has fallen on Real Madrid, just a week after opening the champagne and a week before the Champions League final.

Mbappe has time to avoid being remembered for going back on his word, which is something that would follow him around for the rest of his life.

He had childlike happiness, a week ago and when he wrote his comic book. Now, it’s time to put on that white kit and, at the same time, avoid disappointing millions of people.

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Mbappe will know what is coming next, but please let the show end.

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