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Football Reporting

Champions League

Varane Man Utd transfer latest, Ed Woodward LEAVES Uefa role, European Super League BLASTED by Sir Alex Ferguson


He says: “We got some information, not a lot to be honest, most of the things more or less you can read in newspapers or wherever.

“Yeah, it’s a tough one. People are not happy with that, I can understand that but there’s not a lot more I can say on it, to be honest.

“We were not involved in these processes, not the players, not me, we didn’t know about it, now I think that’s the case, the facts are out there.

“We will have to wait how it develops.”

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He continues: “Obviously, I have no issues with the Champions League.

“I like the competitive factor of football as well. I like the fact fact West Ham may play Champions League next year.

“I don’t want them to, to be honest because we want to do that but I like that they have that chance and all these kinds of things.

“What can I say? It’s really not easy. What I want to say is, I heard a few things but what I really don’t like is Liverpool Football is a lot more than some decisions.

“The most important part of a football is the supporters and the team and we have to make sure really, nothing can get between that.

“Because I heard we put banners down at Anfield and stuff like this, I really don’t understand that because the players didn’t do anything wrong.

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“We didn’t win all the games but we go with everything and we want to qualify for the Champions League next year.

“We have to stick together and when other people from other clubs use our anthem against us, I don’t like that as well.

“We can show that nobody has to walk alone in this moment, there are things we have to sort, obviously, but it’s nothing to do with the football or the relationship with the team, for me that’s really important.

“In tough times you have to show you can stick together. It doesn’t mean you need to agree to everything.

“But again, the boys didn’t do anything wrong apart from not winning more football games so I really want people to know that.”

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