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Football Reporting

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Real Madrid’s eight forwards going into the new season

Do Real Madrid have enough up front as they head into the new season, or do they need to sign Kylian Mbappe if they want to be successful?

Many believe that the current squad don’t have the quality necessary to deliver in the coming months, but if you look at the forward players at Carlo Ancelotti‘s disposal, it’s difficult to say that there aren’t goals there.

The club haven’t had a ruthless goalscorer in the team since Cristiano Ronaldo left three years ago. Their goal tally has steadily gone down in recent seasons with only Karim Benzema having improved his numbers without Ronaldo.

Mbappe is the big target, but there are already eight forwards at the Bernabeu: Benzema, Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Vinicius, Marco Asensio, Luka Jovic, Rodrygo and Mariano. None of these look likely to leave unless the Frenchman is signed.

Players with pedigree

When you look at the list, you could argue that Real Madrid don’t have much to worry about as there are players in the squad who are proven goal scorers.

Karim Benzema has an average of 0.49 goals in Real Madrid shirt, and is the club’s fifth all-time leading scorer. Bale looks like he’s set to stay in the Spanish capital, and despite not being at his best in recent seasons, he’s still the second top scorer in the squad with 182 goals, scoring 105 times for Los Blancos.

Six who struggle in front of goal

Real Madrid‘s problem is that their other six forwards aren’t quite as prolific. None of Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Jovic or Mariano have reached an average of 0.2 goals per game with Real Madrid. Hazard has 165 goals in his career, averaging 0.37 per game, and Mariano averages 0.4 goals per game, but like others in the squad, have seen their stats drop off at the Bernabeu.

Do this Real Madrid team have goals in them?

Six MARCA journalists have given their opinions on what they think of the team’s attacking options for this campaign.

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Real Madrid‘s forwards can score goals. To say that players like Benzema, Bale, Hazard, Asensio and Jovic can’t score doesn’t make sense. The issue is whether they’ll get the service they need.

If Ancelotti delivers on his promise of dynamic and exciting football, the goals will come. Vinicius might not get 20, but Benzema will get more than his fair share and a few others can reach double figures.

My top scorer: Benzema (33 goals)

My front three: Hazard, Benzema, Vinicius

How prolific Real Madrid are will depend on Benzema. The Frenchman is a safe bet and he’s stepped up to the plate since Cristiano Ronaldo left.

Bale is there, but he’s dropped off majorly in recent years, Mariano and Jovic can’t be overly relied on and Asensio needs to be more consistent. There’s also Hazard, who always promises a lot but has always disappointed and Vinicius and Rodrygo who can play their part. The Frenchman is the one who can be relied on, though.

My top scorer: Benzema (27 goals)

My front three: Asensio, Benzema, Vinicius.

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It’s no secret that Real Madrid lack goals. Over the last two seasons, Benzema has been the top and almost only scorer in the side.

His great stats haven’t been enough to carry some players who should be doing a lot more. Asensio, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Jovic and Hazard need to be scoring more than the 10 or so goals they’ve been contributing.

Goals from other areas of the pitch have also lacking, with the exception of Sergio Ramos, and signibgs need to be made.

My top scorer: Benzema (25 goals)

My front three: Asensio, Benzema, Hazard

Real Madrid rely hugely on Benzema. Since the departure of Cristiano, no one else can be trusted to put the ball in the back of the net.

The midfielders aren’t goal scorers and Benzema‘s fellow forwards haven’t proven to be much better in front of goal.

The two alternatives at centre forward, Jovic and Mariano, don’t inspire confidence and after Sergio Ramos’ move to France the scoring capacity of the side is poor.

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My top scorer: Benzema (27 goals)

My front three: Hazard, Benzema, Asensio

Real Madrid don’t have many goals in them and have relied too much on Benzema in the last two seasons. The Frenchman has carried this team and has even had to change his style of play, now needing to defend more as his side eek out narrow wins.

No one has found a solution to the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Benzema will do his part, but those around him need to do far more.

My top scorer: Benzema (35 goals)

My front three: Hazard, Benzema, Bale

There are goals in this team. Players like Benzema, Asensio, Hazard, Bale and Rodrygo can be trusted to score goals.

The real issue is the service these players get. Vinicus can create chances, but has lacked the killer edge in front of goal.

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The huge number of goals that Cristano Ronaldo used to score should have been spread out amongst the other forwards in the team, but that hasn’t happened. Benzema has been the top man, but mostly because his teammates haven’t been up to it.

My top scorer: Benzema (27 goals)

My front three: Asensio, Benzema, Bale

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