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Real Madrid – La Liga: Valdano criticises Perez: You can’t go on El Chiringuito and present yourself as the saviour of football

Former Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano assessed the failure of the Super League and criticised Los Blancos president Florentino Perez for the manner in which he handled it.

Valdano believes that following the failed project, there must be a debate regarding the future of football, and discussed the effect that the Super League would have on the team and players.

“Players are not affected by what happens in the offices, I for one witnessed the detachment of the teams in real time and it didn’t surprise me that much,” he told El Transistor.

“It was a super project with very shaky foundations and it was bound to fall apart.”

Valdano also stressed the importance of the fans in this situation.

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“It was clear that the document they signed had very little legal value. The war has been won by English fans as here in Spain nobody lifted a finger, you cannot make a revolution in a product as popular as football without knowing the product’s clients in depth.”

Jorge Valdano also spoke about the remarks made by Florentino Perez.

“You cannot go on ‘El Chiringuito’ and explain the general lines of the law, present yourself as the saviour of football without having explained thoroughly what you want to do through credible people who are capable of having a level of credibility for the project.

“Football itself, which is very powerful, was underestimated, it has four billion fans to keep happy.”

“Agnelli was the representative of 200 teams and he betrayed them, some directors have lost a lot of credibility.”

Valdano also highlighted the financial problems regarding the Super League.

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“People don’t get to look at the accounts, I did an interview with Gerard Pique who knows a lot of information but the accounts of the 12 [teams] in the Super League weren’t one of them.”

“I don’t know how much real money or credit there was or whether it was biased, the truth is that the megaproject collapsed.”

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