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Real Madrid – La Liga: Florentino Perez confused bravery with recklessness and ambition with greed

Times New Roman. A font that summarises a project drafted by a dozen billionaire presidents with their respective high-level executives and, of course, with their polyglot secretaries. This was apparently modernity.

But even those who are opposed to the Super League are being hypocritical.

The same FIFA that accepted a World Cup in Qatar, UEFA that gives 50 percent of the tickets of any final to its sponsors, LaLiga who wanted matches in Miami and arranges the fixtures to suit Chinese schedules, and the Spanish Football Federation who launched a Supercopa de Espana in Saudi Arabia are among those saying no to this tournament that ignores the fans, those that who every Sunday say that it’s raining when in reality it is those mentioned above who are urinating on them.

We got what we deserve for having accepted so much all these years while being convinced that it was the best for our team. I suppose that from today training sessions will be open to fans, and that they will not have to risk their life on roundabouts waiting for an autograph, visits to schools will be made with gifts and talks and of course, and free booths will be raffled to feel like a VIP for a day.

Florentino Perez confused bravery with recklessness, ambition with greed and his leadership with weakness of those who jumped ship as soon as fans started to rebel against it. What conviction from those who signed up to it.

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Suddenly, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin found several billions of euros so that he can also reformulate the Champions League. We already know that if you don’t upgrade in this sport, you are nobody.

The so-called modest clubs, who apparently are rich because they do not need saving, breathe a sigh of relief because everything remains as it was, even though Real Madrid have faced the most backlash for wanting to win more and looking for a life without their neighbours.

On Wednesday, Real Madrid are back on the field, and with the next penalty awarded, we will again be talking about conspiracies, bad luck with injuries and whether Leo Messi is finished, or if he deserves more than 100 million euros per season. We will soon forget this absurdity.

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