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David Teague is the latest AFL coach to take aim at newly introduced rules in the senior tier competition.

The VFL has introduced a number of rules ahead of the 2021 season including three teams from both teams being required to be inside each 50m arc (including a pair in the goalsquare) at boundary throw-ins and kick-ins.

The rule changes are designed to help reduce congestion but there already has been calls to be scrapped before the official season begins on April 16.


“I watched (Carlton‘s VFL) game the other day and I didn’t enjoy them stopping the game all the time. It’s a different game,” Teague told reporters on Wednesday.

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“Hopefully some common sense will come into play and they might get rid of that for a while because there‘s already been so many changes.

“I think it‘s hard, some of the VFL guys haven’t played at all for 12 months. You’re sitting there waiting 14, 15 seconds for each stoppage for the players to get back (into position).

“The players didn‘t enjoy it, the fans didn’t enjoy it.

“Our players may adjust, but I‘ve heard a couple of other coaches and I’m probably aligned with them.

“It didn‘t feel like it was in the tradition of the game, the way the game should be played and the waiting around bit for our fans I don’t think they’ll enjoy that.”

On Tuesday, Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge labelled them as “a spanner in the works”, which counted against No.1 pick Jamarra Ugle-Hagan receiving a senior call-up despite a five-goal haul.

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“Even in this game Jamarra didn‘t run anywhere near like he’s going to be required to run in an AFL game so it’s actually going to hold a player like Jamarra back because we can’t get that match conditioning that he needs at AFL level,” he said.

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