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Football Reporting

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Jurgen Klopp on European Super League: Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group are ‘great people’

Jurgen Klopp praised Liverpool’s owners FSG and took issue with Gary Neville’s criticism of the European Super League.

Klopp had seen his side draw 1-1 with Leeds United on Monday evening, a result that sees them outside the Champions League spots – something that would not be a problem with the new ESL format.

Speaking after the game to Sky Sports, Klopp complained that Leeds United had put T-shirts supporting the current format for UEFA competitions in their dressing room.

“I don’t think it is right. They put them in our dressing room, I don’t think we deserved that. I don’t like the way a lot of people are talking about Liverpool,” he said.

“This is a fantastic football club. In this specific moment we can’t blame the team for that. I take the criticism for everything, but this we have nothing to do with.

“Now people write articles… People are shouting at us. We have to be careful because we are people as well. We have to be careful. I understand all the talk and I don’t like it as well.

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“Don’t forget we have nothing to do with it. We still have to play football. It is really not OK. Our owners are great people, they will try to explain the decisions. Will I understand it? I don’t know, but it is still not my decision.

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“I coach a football team. If people want to criticise me, completely fine. But other things, it is not OK. Everyone should not forget.”

Klopp also aimed barbs at Neville for his past with Manchester United and for currently working as an analyst for Sky.

“I wish people wouldn’t speak about us. I wish Gary Neville wouldn’t be where the most money is. He was at Man Utd where the most money is. Now he’s at Sky where the most money is,” he said, before praising FSG, who are behind the drive for the breakaway competition.

“YNWA is our anthem, not Gary Neville’s. The owners of this club are good people. They are reasonable people. They will try to explain the decision to me.”

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