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Football Reporting
Football Reporting

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Training camp diary, day one – welcome to Kirchberg!

Dear diary! This is how the written memories of a day usually begin. The reports reflect the experiences, feelings and emotions of the previous hours. This week we dive deep into the U23 training camp and report daily from Kirchberg in Tirol. Enjoy the training camp diary!

The U23s arrived in the Kitzbühel Alps in the night between Sunday and Monday. After the long journey and the tough friendly match in Paderborn, which the Black & Yellows won 3-2, it was little surprise that everyone wanted to head straight for bed! On Monday morning the weather showed up: blue skies, temperatures over 20 degrees, light wind – perfect conditions for a light morning jog.

After lunch and a little break for regeneration, the Black & Yellows made their way over to the training ground in the neighbouring village of Brixen. The local team, SV Brixen, who play in the Austrian regional league, have once again made their excellent facilities available for use. 

After the 90-minute session, the team returned to the hotel. After sitting down together for dinner, the players whiled away the rest of the evening with non-football related activities.

At the end of the day, the players and coaches took some time to reflect on the friendly game against Paderborn and the first days of preseason:

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Enrico Maaßen: ”It was a really intense friendly game. We knew exactly what to expect. The boys did a great job. We were really fantastic without the ball. We didn’t give the opposition any chance to develop their play and we posed a real threat offensively as well. The boys are working really hard in training, we have a great atmosphere. That’s set us apart over the last year and will be the key for us again this year.”

Lennard Maloney: ”I was happy to stand out on the pitch again. I don’t have any complaints, although you notice that the first few metres take it out of you more than they normally would. Preseason has got off to a successful start. The new players have been welcomed into the group, they already know their worth in the team. The chemistry is already very strong again.”

Timo Bornemann: ”The first few days with the team have been so much fun. It’s a new world for me. The team really pull together, that’s something I’ve already noticed, it doesn’t matter what the situation is. Everyone is working together, I really like it.”

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