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Mwendwa: Fifa told FKF to do away with company running league in Kenya

The federation boss reveals it was not possible to form a private company to run the league after doing away with KPL

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Nick Mwendwa has explained why they decided to do away with a limited company to run the Premier League.

The federation boss has revealed while taking over the running of the top-flight from Kenyan Premier League Limited (KPL) whose five-year mandate had expired, the federation had thought of coming up with another company to manage the same.

However, Mwendwa now says his discussion with the world governing body, Fifa, and the number of court battles he had tussled with KPL over the period he took over the running of FKF, forced him and other members of the federation to think otherwise and do away with the formation of a company altogether.

“We also had plans to have a company to continue running the league like KPL, but we realised we could not have a company because Gor Mahia cannot have shares in a limited company here in Kenya, so there is no way all the 18 clubs will be represented in that company, so we will be lying to the clubs if we formed the company,” Mwendwa told FKF TV.

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“Fifa also told me we have had long tussles with KPL in court, you know how long FKF and KPL have battled in courts, we have fought in court for the last four years that I have been the President, so we said now we have done away with KPL, we forget about forming a new company.

“Fifa also told me to forget about forming a company, so we told the transitional committee, we will not have a company, but we will allow you to run the league as a committee, we will open for you an account and put in money and allow you to make your own decisions.”

Explaining further on why the formation of a company to run the league was not possible, Mwendwa said: “For example, KPL lied to Western Stima, they were members of KPL, of which they were not, only some officials who were directors [in KPL] kept benefiting from the company and that is what the other members in the transition committee wanted us to do and we refused.

“We cannot do things the way they were before, we must have transparency and have all teams in one group and also FKF to run the league and that is where the problem came from, because some owners of a few clubs did not want it that way.”

The league is currently being managed by the federation and will enter round four of matches this weekend.

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