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Mourinho: Manchester United needed to give me more time

The Spurs boss feels he wasn’t given enough time to implement his project during his time at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho believes he could stay at Tottenham for the long term after he felt he was not giving sufficient time to put his project together at Manchester United.

Mourinho, who recently celebrated one year at the helm of Spurs after he replaced Mauricio Pochettino last season, has Tottenham flying high to start the 2020-21 season. 

Spurs are in first place in the Premier League on goal difference over Liverpool, with the two sides set to face each other in a top-of-the-table clash on Wednesday

Mourinho joined Spurs 11 months after he was sacked at Manchester United, leaving the club after two and a half years in charge. 

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After he experienced quick success with several clubs earlier in his career, Mourinho said that United was a long-term project that he felt was prematurely cut short when he was sacked. 

“In a certain period of my career, with a profile of club I was getting in hands, we didn’t need as much time to reach success,” Mourinho said.

“We did it at Porto, Inter, Real [Madrid], Chelsea, both times, we did it without that need of that longevity and also my desire to try different things and my crazy desire to go to many countries, and to try to win it, and try to get different experiences in many different countries, was perfect because was about winning, and good bye, and let’s try another thing.

“The first club where I felt I need time and time was not given was at Manchester United, because I felt that I left at the middle of the process, but I learn very early to respect decisions, which I did at United.

“We did what we did, we did what was possible to do, and we move on. I am happy, they are happy, and we have a great relation, which is something I am very proud always to say, when I leave clubs, I keep very good relationship with everybody, and United is one more example of that.”

Mourinho has now been a manager for more than 20 years, achieving major success nearly everywhere he’s been. Now 57, he said he can see himself at Spurs for the long term.

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“Now, in Tottenham I know the profile of job I have in hands, and hopefully until now I am enjoying very, very much to be in the club, I believe that the club is happy to work with me, so I see myself staying for a long time, but if we can accelerate the process, like we are accelerating, and being doing good things like we are doing, of course we are not going to waste time,” Mourinho said. 


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