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Liverpool fans furious with Man Utd chief Joel Glazer’s statement on Reds website

Liverpool fans are furious that a statement from Manchester United vice-chairman Joel Glazer has appeared on their website following the proposal of a European Super League.

Man United and Liverpool are two of the 12 teams who have signed up for the breakaway league, which was announced on Sunday night and sent shockwaves through the footballing world.

Each of the ‘Founding Clubs’ released statements on their respective websites after the news broke at around 11.11pm BST.

The statements outlined the reasoning behind the proposal and included a format on how it would work, as well as comment from the Super League’s first chairman Florentino Perez, and vice-chairmen Joel Glazer and Andrea Agnelli.

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Barcelona are one of the 12 clubs involved in the breakaway, but they opted against publishing the quotes of Real Madrid chairmen Perez on their official website in fear of a backlash from fans.

Manchester United joint chairmen Joel Glazer (right) and Avram Glazer at Old Trafford
Manchester United joint chairmen Joel Glazer (right) and Avram Glazer at Old Trafford

European Super League announcement fallout

Liverpool, though, included Man United vice-chairman Glazer’s quotes in the statement on their website, and the decision didn’t go down well with already disappointed fans.

“A quote from Joel Glazer, Man United vice-chairman, in a statement Liverpool released on their website says everything you need to know about this, football is gone. Ashamed to support Liverpool today,” tweeted one fan.

Another wrote: “What a shambles. But it’s no surprise, really. The game’s gone proper Tory. Money, money, money. It’s dead. A Glazer statement on the Liverpool website says it all. Absolutely no shame.”

A third said: “A Glazer statement on the Liverpool website says it all, absolutely no shame,” and a fourth concluded: “For anyone who had any doubt about football still being a tradition and part of the working class… a Joel Glazer statement is now on the Manchester City and Liverpool websites.”

Liverpool owner John W. Henry is a vice-chairman in the new Super League set-up, but his company Fenway Sports Group released no statement on Sunday night.

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