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Barcelona: Barcelona are already thinking about levers for next season

The infamous economic levers prevented Barcelona from getting into a serious situation last season. The discussion was already known, but when Eduard Romeu, economic vice-president, presented the accounts for the 2021/22 financial year, the importance of the operation could be appreciated in all its magnitude.

“Without the income from the levers, last year we would have lost 106 million and this year, 210,” explained Romeu.

He will now who present these accounts to the members at Sunday’s Assembly.

“Barcelona closed the 2021-22 financial year with 1.017 billion in revenue and 856 million in expenses.”

“As for the budget for the coming year, the forecast is to earn 1.255 billion euros and spend 1.017 billion euros. The result after taxes would be 274 million euros, according to the data presented today.”

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The big problem for the Blaugrana is the wage bill, despite the fact that there has been a great improvement in this matter.

“It has gone from 98% of revenue to 68%,” excluding levers. With them, it is 51%,” he added.

The issue is that there are contracts that will still go up next season, which will force the club to keep looking for extra revenue to be able to dampen its impact.

“We were in the ICU and now we are on the ward. There is still a lot of work to be done. Numbers are fickle and they always come back. This season and next season we will have to use some mechanisms to get to where we want to be next season,”

When asked about the possibility of having to resort again to asset sales, there was no real committal.

“One lever could also be the sale of a player,” he said.

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The idea is that the situation will be on track from the 24-25 season onwards.

“If we follow the schedule of contract expirations, this year and next year we still have salary costs above what we have in mind. It won’t be until the 24-25 season that the situation will be normalized.”

The goal set by the Spanish giants is for the wage bill to reach 500 million euros: 420 million euros for the first team and 80 million euros between the various academy teams.

Winning LaLiga, an ‘obligation’

It would be helpful to all this if the team were to achieve on the pitch the results that the club has projected in the offices when it comes to making its accounts.

“Last season, the impact of elimination in the group stage was 12 million. We counted the revenue we didn’t have, but also the expenses we saved. This year, we are looking at winning LaLiga and reaching the Champions League quarter-finals,” Romeu admitted.

With this need for income, at Barcelona they are still thinking about the Super League project.

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“We are not contemplating it now, but any rethinking would be positive. Our will would be an agreement so that the clubs that generate the most are the ones that receive the most. Any move would be better than the one we have.”

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