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Premier League six’s fan groups statements in full as European Super League plan slammed

Supporters groups from all six of the Premier League clubs to sign up for the controversial new European Super League have all roundly condemned the plans.

In a move that shook world football on Sunday, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham were among 12 of the leading sides from around Europe to sign up to the new league, with their participation effectively replacing the old UEFA competitions.

The clubs have come in for fierce criticism from all sides for announcing the move, with former Manchester United defender Gary Neville even calling for them to face points deductions and be stripped of titles.

Here are what the fan groups have had to say so far:

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Arsenal Supporters’ Trust

The Arsenal Supporters Trust have hit out at the plans
The Arsenal Supporters Trust have hit out at the plans

The Arsenal Supporters’ Trust threw their weight behind the Football Supporters Association’s statement, and also made their own feelings known on Twitter.

Quote tweeting the club’s announcement they said the move was “the death of Arsenal as a sporting institution”.

In an earlier tweet they shared an open letter from fan groups opposing the move, writing: “The European Club Association (ECA) is currently plotting for a European Super league and forcing more meaningless games on fans.

“Arsenal have a Board seat at the ECA. The AST has signed this letter that brings together the fan groups of ECA Board members.”

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust

The Chelsea group were one of the first to react
The Chelsea group were one of the first to react

The Blues supporters’ group were one of the first to make their feelings known in a statement.

They said: “The Chelsea Supporters Trust (CST) continues to wholeheartedly oppose the creation of a breakaway competition to the Champions League. A ‘Super League’ would destroy open competition simply for financial gain.

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“The CST is appalled that Chelsea FC (CFC) are among the rumoured teams to have signed up for this alternative competition and hope that these reports are untrue. This proposal would risk CFC from being banned from other competitions and could jeopardise the future of our club.

“The proposal demonstrates the greed within football and as supporters, we are tired of the of the beautiful game being abused.

“Enough is Enough.”

Spirit of Shankly

Liverpool's Spirit of Shankly slammed owners FSG
Liverpool’s Spirit of Shankly slammed owners FSG

Liverpool group Spirit of Shankly rounded on Reds’ owners FSG and vowed to do all they can to stop the move.

They said: “FSG have ignored fans in their relentless and greedy pursuit of money.

“Football is ours, not theirs. Our football club is ours not theirs.”

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Their chairman Joe Blott added: “It is purely financially, cynically, greedily driven without any thoughts for the football fan, and that’s the challenge that we have.”

Manchester City’s Official Supporters’ Club

City's official supporters club said the idea "had not sporting merit"
City’s official supporters club said the idea “had not sporting merit”

Some reports initially suggested that City weren’t part of the breakaway plans, until it was later confirmed that they were.

Their official supporters’ club said: ” Manchester City FC Official Supporters Club are totally opposed to anything which creates a breakaway ‘European Super League” .

“This proposed new competition has no sporting merit and would seem to be motivated by greed.

“Furthermore it has been created without the knowledge or input of any Supporters Groups and once again shows those involved have zero regard for the game’s traditions .

“We are determined to fight against this proposed Super League and will once again work with the 1894 Group all other Fan Groups to do everything we can to ensure our voices are heard

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“These owners, irrespective of where they come from, seem to think Football belongs to them – It doesn’t it belongs to us – The Supporters, irrespective of which team we support.”

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust

Manchester United Supporters Trust said the plans went against everything the club stands for
Manchester United Supporters Trust said the plans went against everything the club stands for

United supporters condemned the “shock” proposals.

They said in a statement: “These proposals are completely unacceptable and will shock Manchester United fans, as well as those of many other clubs.

“A ‘Super League’ based on a closed shop of self-selected wealthy clubs goes against everything football, and Manchester United, should stand for. To bring forward these proposals without any fan consultation, and in the midst of a global pandemic when people should be pulling together not serving their own selfish interests, just adds insult to injury.

“When Sir Matt Busby led us into the European Cup in the 1950s, the modern Manchester United was founded in the tragedy and triumph that followed.

“To even contemplate walking away from that competition would be a betrayal of everything this club has ever stood for.

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“We urge everyone involved in this proposal including Manchester United to immediately withdraw from this proposal.”

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust

Tottenham fans also condemned the plans
Tottenham fans also condemned the plans

The statement from the Spurs’ fan group said the club’s board had betrayed them.

They said: ” Tottenham Hotspur was the first British club to win a European trophy.

“We blazed a trail that caught the imagination of fans everywhere. Y

“Yesterday, the current Board of THFC betrayed the Club, its history and the magic that makes this game so special when they put their name to a statement announcing the formation of a breakaway European Super League.

“This statement, signed by self-appointed “leading clubs”, was put out late on a Sunday night. It was made not only after no consultation with supporters, but in the face of clearly stated opposition to key parts of the announcement.

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“We have always tried to maintain a pragmatic position of engagement with the Board of THFC, even under the most trying of circumstances. But enough is enough.

“The current Board is prepared to risk the Club’s reputation and its future in the opportunistic pursuit of greed. One of England’s most famous clubs could find itself expelled from English league competition. Its players could be banned from international competition.

“And yet the current owners – mere custodians of a 139-year-old institution – are prepared to risk it all for avarice and self-aggrandisement.

“We demand the Board immediately disassociates itself from the breakaway league.

“Only then can meaningful discussions about change take place. If the Board does not do this, we will have no choice but to call on new owners prepared to safeguard the past, present and future of our great Club to step forward and work with us.”

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