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Full transcript of Paul Scholes’ impassioned rant on Man Utd, Arsenal and John Murtough

Paul Scholes lost his cool as he tore apart Manchester United, Arsenal and their billionaire owners.

It comes a week after the European Super League was introduced and then abandoned within a whirlwind 48 hour period.

The footballing world reacted with anger and shock as 12 European elite clubs revealed their plans to break away and start their own competition.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez came up with the idea and United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City tagged along.

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However, due to a severe backlash from UEFA, fans, managers, players and even their fellow executives, the plans were canned.

Paul Scholes was furious prior to Manchester United's match against Roma
Paul Scholes was furious prior to Manchester United’s match against Roma

Here is every word of Scholes’ furious rant in the BT Sport studio.

He said: “I’m not sure there ever will be a connection with these owners. I don’t think that’s just this club – it’s every club who started with billionaire owners, what we brought into here, for them to have a toy. A toy to make money with.

“This is a great club as well to actually have that connection with the owners. The young players this club has, the young local lads in the academy. It’s a great chance to have that connection.

“But as long as there’s billionaire owners from America, from other countries, there’s never going to be a connection.

“Look at Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, is there a connection there? I don’t think there is. I don’t think there ever will be.

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“I think we have to stop pining for that. The most important thing for the fans now is what happens on the football pitch and you look at the last four or five years at Manchester United – the resources, the money this club has had, and it’s not won a trophy for four years. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

“Look the Glazers, they chose a man to represent them, to run the football club who’s brilliant at making money. Funnily enough. Exactly what they want. Brilliant.

“But has the football side been neglected through that. I don’t think Ed is a football man. I think the man before, David Gill, great again at making money but he was a football man. He knew what the club needed.

“We’ve had five or six years since the manager went, choosing the wrong managers. Not giving them time to produce teams. Choosing the wrong type of players for this football club. Which is disappointing.

“It’s down to the ownership of billionaire owners who are greedy and just use this club as a toy to make money.”

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Paul Scholes was also scathing on Daniel Ek

On Ek/Arsenal: “It’s the same thing. I don’t think Arsenal fans should celebrate. He’s getting interest by mentioning Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry, it’s the same old trick, it won’t be any different. You’ll just be a toy.

“He’s a money man, he’s a businessman, he wants to make money. This is what they’ll do. They’ll come to clubs like this, go to clubs like Arsenal and make lots of money. But most importantly look at where Arsenal are – 10th in the league. Ridiculous. Look at this club – not won anything for four years.

“OK they’re getting on the right track now I think. I hope. Ole’s done a fantastic job bringing this club back to challenging for silverware, they’ve still got to go that extra bit. They’re almost getting to where they should be. They’re not far away.

“And it masks a lot, when the football’s alright and the team are winning trophies who cares who the owners are.”

“This club should have the very best of everything. It’s the biggest club in the world. It should have the best of everything.

Paul Scholes demanded clarity over John Murtough’s position

On John Murtough: “If you talk about the football side, the director of football. There’s a lot of talk about United looking for one. Have they got the best of the best director of football.

“Somehow they’ve invited him a role of football director. What is that? Tell me what is that? Is he going to be signing players? Is he going to be ordering new footballs for us? What is he?

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“If United are going for a director of football get the very best out there. If you’re going for a manger go for the very best out there.

“And they probably haven’t got the very best out there now as a football manager but he’s on the way to producing a team that could make him the best manager.

“Give these people time and get the best of the best, whether it’s football director, director of football, technical director.

“And players. It should be the very best of the best.”

Do you still feel a connection with this football club?

“Of course I do. This club gave me my life, this will be it until the day I die.”

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