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Football Reporting

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Tatarusanu undergoes operation to correct astigmatism in his eye

Ciprian Tatarusanu has undergone an operation on his eye to correct an issue that has been affecting him in recent weeks, a report claims.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tatarusanu will enjoy his holidays in the sun of the Maldives before returning to Milanello at the beginning of December, but before leaving with his family he underwent an operation on his eyes to correct a mixed astigmatism which was suffering from.

The surgery – performed on Monday in Milan by Dr. Angelo Appiotti with the ‘Femtolasik custom PSP’ technique (designed for professional sportsmen) – was perfectly successful and after the first post-operative check-up the Romanian already had a natural vision of 16/10.

“Ciprian discovered a visual defect a year ago, when he came to me to accompany his wife. I examined him and I noticed the problem: he didn’t use any correction, but he managed to live with astigmatism through accommodation. Simply put, he compensated with spontaneous focusing, squinting,” Appiotti said.

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The benefits of the operation – obviously agreed with Milan – will clearly affect the Romanian’s performance.

“The perception of an object, for example a shot from a distance, it will come much faster. This will allow for a better eye/hand response and will reduce the incidence of injury, with faster muscle responses.”

Tatarusanu is only the latest of many professional athletes who have made use of this type of correctional operation as Kakà had myopia and astigmatism corrected in 2007 – the year of the Ballon d’Or – as well as Massimo Ambrosini, Ignazio Abate and Marco Borriello.


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