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Football Reporting

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Findings awaited after 14 meetings as part of public debate process over new stadium

The meetings scheduled for the Public Debate on the new San Siro ended yesterday, and now a decisive period is approaching with regards to the new stadium project.

Calcio e Finanza writes how there were 14 total appointments including public, in-depth meetings, inspections and workshops that allowed the Milanese citizens to learn about the project proposal presented by the clubs in detail and express opinions, criticisms, make counter-proposals and suggestions.

On the basis of what emerged during the debate, the final report will be presented on Friday 18 November by the co-ordinator Andrea Pillon, which will be sent to the National Commission of the Public Debate.

The final report will contain a description of the activities carried out during the public debate, including indications regarding the number of meetings and participants and the methods of managing the debate.

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As part of this, there will be a log of the most problematic issues, which were also addressed during the last meeting of the debate, the neighbourhood laboratory held at the San Siro stadium in the presence of the designers, representatives of the clubs and the Council.


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